EuroPine™ Film Faced plywood (pine)

MaxPly uses pine, possessing unique qualities, in production of EuroPine™ plywood.
The pine is an environment-friendly construction material renowned for its antibacterial and heat-preserving properties.

EuroPine™ panels are manufactured using fiber sourced from sustainably managed Pine forest plantations. This includes an efficient pruning system, which produces high quality, smooth, knot free wood veneer. This results in a versatile, highly resistant panel with an excellent inner core construction, ideal for structural applications as well as formwork, furniture and paneling.

Properties of the pine are well known all over the world:

  • high wood density – 560-600 kg/m3
  • stable composed core
  • high resistance to decay and fungal infection
  • long durability
  • low thermal conductivity
  • resistant to sharp temperature and moisture changes
  • enhanced water-resistance
  • light weight
  • ecological
  • nice natural wood structure
  • high dimensional stability and mechanical resistance to flexion, traction and compression
  • match with any material
  • regular solid face
  • good sound-proofing
  • flooring
  • roofing
  • walls
  • furniture
  • internal & external design
  • beams
  • building & construction
  • car manufacturing
  • carriage manufacturing
  • underlayment
  • packaging
Technical specifications
Dimensions, mm
2440 х 1220, 2500 х 1250
Thickness, mm
6,5 – 21
Length(width) tolerance
+/- 0.5%
Grade of face veneer
Number of plies
from 3 up to 11 depending on thickness
Surface quality
sanded two sides S2, sanded one side S1 (except C-grade)
Surface color
dark brown
Edges processing
by waterproof acrylic paint
Formaldehyde emission class
E1 (up to 4 mg per 100g of bone dry plywood)
Water resistance
WBP (weather and boil-proof)
Moisture content, max
5-12 %
Modulas of Elasticity in Bending
Lengthwise – 8331 N/mm2
Crosswise – 5885 N/mm2
Bending strength
Lengthwise – 22,6 N/mm2
Crosswise – 18,9 N/mm2
Modulas of elasticity in compression
Lengthwise – 4206 N/mm2
Crosswise – 5135 N/mm2
Compression strength
Lengthwise – 17,0 N/mm2
Crosswise – 18,5 N/mm2
Modulas of elasticity in tension
Lengthwise – 4039 N/mm2
Crosswise – 5341 N/mm2
Tension strength
Lengthwise – 6,7 N/mm2
напречно – 7,5 N/mm2
Ultimate shear strength along the glue line, Н/мм3
not less 35
Thermal conductivity (density)
λ = 0.13 W/(m×K)
Sound reduction index
250Hz – 500Hz: 0,1f
1000Hz – 2000Hz: 0,3f
Glueing quality
Class 3
Dimension tolerances according to EN 315
Length-Width: up to ± 3.5 mm
Squareness of panels: 1 mm/m
Nominal thickness according to EN 315
17.06 ÷ 18.74 mm
On the same panel 0.6 mm
EN 13986, EN 636-3, EN-314-2