MaxPly™ is a modern, fast-growing company, one of the leading producers in the Bulgarian woodworking market. We produce our high-quality plywood and veneer of natural birch, poplar, lime and pine and hold the local leadership in this sector. We sell our products under the registered trademarks MaxPly®, EuroBirch® and EurоPine®.

By taking advantage of the best characteristics of birch, poplar, lime and pine raw material, our modern production methods as well as the knowledge and experience of our people, we can offer hardwearing and ecological solutions to our partners in industrial construction, house building, machinery construction, furniture manufacturing, transport and many other industries. Our products – plywood and veneer are delivered to countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, France, USA, Belgium, Macedonia, Algeria, Greece, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Albania, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and are highly appreciated due to their quality and competitive prices.

Our success is a direct result of the efforts of our dedicated staff in Bulgaria and abroad, who have contributed to bringing MaxPly™ to where it is today, and of our customers, who have assisted our company in the continuous business and product development.

The greatest value for MaxPly™ is to meet the customers` exact specifications. We are trying to experiment in order to find a better way and it is our focus to be totally responsive to each customer’s needs. Therefore we are constantly working above the product consumer properties perfection, service optimization and mutual relation with buyers. The latest information technologies and ongoing developments in computer systems are launched for improvement of service and operative reaction to customers` requirements. Strict requests to suppliers of raw materials and high-performance outfit guarantee high quality production and allow fulfilling customers` orders precisely in time.

Birch, poplar, lime and pine plywood production still presents considerable development opportunities. We believe that it is, and will remain, one of the most beneficial uses of these types of wood.

This information is intended for convenience of our buyers and end users. We hope, that our efforts together with excellent properties of MaxPly™ products will help you to increase your business efficiency and achieve high results.


  • 35 000 m3 of plywood annual production capacity
  • 45 000 m3 of veneer annual production capacity
  • 100% birch, poplar, lime and pine veneer
  • 12 purchasing countries
  • 1 mill in Bulgaria

The advantage of working with MaxPly™

  • A wide product range of high quality plywood.
  • The stable production of large volumes, and the possibility of extra orders.
  • Optimized and flexible production process in order always to be able to adjust ourselves to the needs of our partners
  • Strictly fullfillment of our contractual obligations even during the hard times of the plywood shortage
  • A Personal Manager at MaxPly™: quick response to requests, purchase portfolio planning, order status monitoring, and information about special offers.
  • Assistance in developing an individual solution.
  • Optimal logistics due to convenient geographic location of the production mills.